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As the patient’s advocate, the Society for Excellence in Eyecare (“SEE”) promotes quality, safety, and cost-effective care of the eye.

Advances in technology and best practices are disseminated and continually enhanced by the Society for Excellence in Eyecare through education, communication and research.

Members of the Society for Excellence in Eyecare are leaders and innovators in their profession who are committed to the belief that they can best promote the interest of their patients through a cooperative effort, and by providing support for each other through the development and exchange of best practices, both clinical and administrative, and through peer review advocacy.

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About SEE

Since its incorporation in 1989, the Society for Excellence in Eyecare, Inc. (“SEE”) has undertaken to educate and inform the public, state and Federal legislative bodies and agencies, and state licensure boards, about the high quality eye care services provided by its members to develop and implement standards of practice for the provision of ophthalmologic services to the general public, and to act as a patient’s advocate to promote high quality, cost-effective eye care services to engage in lobbying on behalf of its members, and to respond, on behalf of its members, to administrative agency studies, proposals and rulings concerning the practice of ophthalmology in order to maximize the benefits to patients.

Membership in SEE is open to ophthalmologists in the United States, optometrists in the United States, and ophthalmologists outside the United States who meet the standards set forth in SEE’s by-laws and who are sponsored by two current members in good standing with SEE.


As you may recall, SEE decided to forgo our separate support of the Alliance of Specialty Medicine (ASM) and instead, advocate for change through this organization by attending the ASM Fly-In as members of ASCRS. Several SEE members attended the Alliance of Specialty Medicine Fly-in July 17-19, 2017 in Washington, DC. Our members joined with... Read More

Rules for External Ocular Photography

A look at the documentation and reimbursement of EOP. Q What is external ocular photography? A External ocular photography documents medical progress of the external eye, lids and ocular adnexa. Photographs record conditions and pathology of the adnexa, external eye and anterior segment more accurately than chart notes or drawings. They are used to track... Read More

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